Calendar of Events

LOW TEST DATES - Dates to come. All tests held at the Campbellford arena.

HIGH TEST DATES - Dates to come.

DANCE DATES - Nov. 30, 2018; Jan. 18, 2019; Feb. 8, 2019 & March 1, 2019. All dances are at St. John's United Church from 7 pm - 10 pm.

STARSkate Interclub Competitions

These are events involve multiple clubs in the same region or area. The competition categories offered generally fall in line with the applicable Skate Canada Section specifications, so that all Interclubs within the Section are standardized.

Invitational Competitions

These are events coordinated by a Section or Club(s) and offered, generally, to STARSkaters and competitive skaters. Most events fall within Skate Canada's specifications regarding program length and eligibility to compete.

Competitions for STARSkate Athletes

Clubs offer competitions for their own members to compete against each other. These competitions follow Skate Canada STARSkate guidelines and may also offer other creative events such as longest shoot-the-duck, similar pairs, spins and jumps, etc.)